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DestrozaVirusUsb Antivirus is a very useful tool to protect any portable data storage device against Trojan horses and any kind of virus or malware.

The program runs in the background from the systems tray only when a USB device is connected to the PC. The program can be installed in the PC or in the portable device.

The program takes a few seconds to analyze the device and to show the available options, amongst them: activate projector mode, analyze all hardware, explore files, vaccinate or un-vaccinate, send files to the trunk and a long etc.

DestrozaVirusUsb incorporates a protector mode and a search for virus and Trojan horses in beta phase which allows you to search for malware in any device. It also allows you to send samples over the Internet so that they can be analyzed from the programs laboratory and can be added as virus if that´s what they are.

* The sample sending system has been repaired.
* The error `there has been an error, please inform´has been repaired.
* The search system has been improved.
* The trojan and virus search system has changed from beta to be stable.
* The software has stabilized completely.
* Some spelling mistakes have been corrected.
* The change of skin or appearance problem has been solved.
* The updating problem each time a new version comes out has been repaired.

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